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Fiesta Movement

Mission: Fiesta

Fiesta agents demo the form, function and features of the 2014 Ford Fiesta.

Check out the available ambient lighting with Fiesta agent Abe Kislevitz.
Fiesta Agent Bri Heart gets inside, outside and on top of Fiesta.
Fiesta agent Dartanion London demonstrates the available ambient lighting.
See Fiesta agent Zak George (and a friend) use MyKey.
Fiesta Agent Andrew Maness gives a guided tour of Fiesta ST.
Fiesta Agent Jared McMullin dials up with available SYNC.
Watch Fiesta agent Alex Mercado show the benefits of Easy Fuel.
See Fiesta agent Hank Chen parallel park with available rear view camera.
Fiesta Agent Meghan Tonjes demonstrates available SYNC.
Fiesta agent Karen Kavett takes on San Francisco with Hill Start Assist.
Easy Fuel gets Fiesta agent Jared Oban all pumped up.