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FirehouseListens Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Firehouse Subs started a Firehouselistens survey. This FirehouseListens survey is a platform that would enable them to get feedback from the customers and understand their customers. Additionally, it will help them improve Firehouse Sub’s customer services. The Firehouse Listens guest satisfaction survey is a perfect opportunity to give all customers a chance to win $500.

This FirehouseListens survey goes a long way to help the company increase its sales. Also, it enables them to provide quality food and customer service. At the same time enables the customers to win prizes. The average time required to take the FirehouseListens survey is between 8-10 minutes.

For starters, you must give genuine feedback about your last visit to Firehouse Subs. How your experience was, how the quality of food offered was, and if the prices were fair to your budget. There’s a section requiring you to give your feedback about the Firehouse Subs staff.

Firehouse Listens Survey rewards

You have already seen that there are prizes you can win by participating in this survey. Firehouse subs have 12 monthly rewards participants of the survey will win. Each participant who emerges as the winner will receive one $500 check. This happens after the administrators confirm if the holder is eligible for the award. The total winning prize per year stands at a total of $6000.

Entry Rules for FirehouseListens Survey

  • You must be a legitimate resident of the 50 states of America.
  • You must be of age 18 or older to take part.
  • You must complete your survey only through
  • You have a limit of only one survey per day.
  • Every household is awarded a one-week drawing and only one monthly drawing prize.
  • Every customer must take the survey within 7 days. This is after visiting the restaurant and obtaining your receipt.
  • You cannot enter a survey on behalf of a third party.
  • Customers must accept prizes as offered, and the prizes are non-transferable.
  • Employees and associates of firehouse subs are not allowed to take part in the survey. Also, their family members cannot take part.
  • The survey feedback will be void if prohibited by law.
  • Participants agree to be bound by sweepstakes rules by entering the Firehouselistens survey.

Firehouse Subs Feedback Requirements

  • You need a most recent receipt from any Firehouse Subs.
  • You must have a basic understanding of English or Spanish.
  • It is necessary to have a mobile device, computer pc, or tablet with internet access
  • You must provide a valid email address.

If you agree to these rules and requirements. Then you are okay to begin the Firehouselistens survey.

Firehouse Listens Validation Code
Validation Code

Steps to do FirehouseListens Survey

  1. Visit the official so that you can take part in the firehouse subs guest satisfaction survey.
  2. Select your invitation type on the next window that pops up.
  3. Enter the required details, such as the validation number and the total amount spent. All these details are in the purchasing receipt you obtained at the firehouse outlet.
  4. After you have input the details required in “step 3.” Press the “start” button to enter the Firehouselistens survey.
  5. Answer each question and describe your experience while you were at the firehouse subs outlet.
  6. Enter your personal details as required. Make sure you have input the correct personal details, including address and zip code.
Start FirehouseListens Guest Satisfaction Survey
Firehouselistens Start Survey

Firehouse Subs Guest Satisfaction Entry by Mail

To enter without finishing the survey. Print your details, such as your full name, physical address, city of residence, email address, and telephone number. Write these details on a 3″x5″ postcard. Then mail it as a standard business-size ‘10 envelope to:

Firehouse “Customer Survey” Sweepstakes

P.O. Box 428, Macedon, NY


Firehouse Listens Survey winners

If you took part in the Firehouselistens survey but are not aware of the winner’s list. There is no need to worry because they usually have a link to display all names of winners for a period of 6 months. Also, since you provided a valid email, they may contact you and break the good news. Good luck with the survey.

Firehouse Subs Customer Service Phone number

  • Firehouse phone no +1-888-289-6185
  • Firehouse subs email: rewards
  • Firehouse subs HQ address: 12735 Gran Bay Parkway, suite 150 Jacksonville, Florida 32258, united states.
  • Firehouse subs HQ number: 1-800-388-3473 not working

If is not working for you then follow one of the given solutions. That should help you. If you still can’t open the Guest satisfaction survey website then let us know your problem in the comments section.

Solution 1: Refresh the Firehouselistens survey page by pressing CTRL+F5 (windows). Suppose you have a Mac press Command+R. If the website does not respond, try the second option.

Solution 2: Turn off your internet connection. Restart your device, clear cookies, and cache from your browser.

If this does not solve the problem. Please contact firehouse subs technical support to assist.

How big are Firehouse Subs?

Firehouse’s menu has been serving medium subs with 4-ounce portions. The portions contain protein and the half-pound for larger offerings. They later created a lower-calorie line that reads under 500 calorie portions. It includes a small portion of bread, different sauces, and new flavors. Firehouse later introduced a small subs menu across all its outlets to address some concerns. Firehouse subs introduced smaller versions of the flavors that people loved. The rollout has been successful on the initial test that was done.

Firehouse Subs Information

Firehouse subs is a restaurant chain that opened its doors in 1994. Its headquarters are in Jacksonville, Florida, in the United States of America. The restaurant founders are two brothers, Chris Sorensen and Robin Sorensen. They are both former firefighters. Firehouse subs have over 1180 outlets. The outlets are in more than 46 states in the United States of America and Canada as well.

Once you enter the restaurant, you get the feeling of a firefighter. This is from its collection of various vintage and unique details. Additionally, the paintings and drawings are dedicated to firefighting. It is believed that there are 1180 different paintings in each outlet. And do not look similar.

Currently, firehouse subs stand as the most favorite fast-casual chain. Also, it is the number 1 favorite sandwich chain and number 4 best chain. It is also the leading brand in the hospitality industry that “supports local community activities.” Furthermore, it is the best among fast-casual brands in the food quality, taste, and flavor categories.

The provides technology to collect feedback from Firehouse customers. SMG is an online feedback collecting website. SMG has many other survey websites like

Where is the nearest firehouse subs?

If you are craving some hot sub, use the firehouse locator to find a firehouse subs outlet near you. Or view all subs locations and make the best selections. Click on this Firehouse Locator link, and you will get suggestions provided by your phone’s location. Or you can input the physical address of your location, and you will get directions and working hours to the nearest branch.

Another way is to find the Firehouse Subs nearest to you is Using the Google maps application on your android device or maps app on your iOS. Type in the name firehouse subs, and you will get a few suggestions for restaurants near you and directions.

How old should you be to work at Firehouse?

To an employee in a firehouse outlet, you must be a sixteen-year-old and above. You can check more employment requirements details on the official website. See if you qualify for any position.

How much do Firehouse Subs Pay?

The average hourly wages paid by firehouse subs range from approximately $8.28 per hour for food service staff. The management staff receives $15.19 per hour. Firehouse subs pay yearly wages from approximately $15000 to $58361. This salary data is from 6,391 points of data collected from the employees.

All figures stated above are only estimations based on third-party information. Do not generalize as actual salary figures. Wages may differ according to jurisdiction. So, you must contact the employer if you need information about the actual salary figure.

Who owns Firehouse Subs?

The owners of firehouse subs are two brothers Chris Sorensen and robin soreness. The two brothers are former firefighters from Florida. They opened their first restaurant in 1994 in Jacksonville, Florida.

How much do Firehouse Subs Donate?

Firehouse subs have granted over $57 million to provide tools, training, and support to heroes in their hometowns. Firehouse subs and their suppliers will together donate 0.12% of purchases. The donations are from them to the firehouse subs public safety foundation. The money is for purchasing lifesaving equipment.

How many Firehouse Subs are there?

There are a total of 1195 firehouse subs outlets worldwide. Since the opening of firehouse subs in 1994, they have expanded their market reach not only in America alone. But also in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Canada. In Canada, they are currently operating 41 restaurants. 13 restaurants are operating in Puerto Rico, with more than 1000 in the United States of America.


Firehouse Subs are one of the fast-food chains that deliver exceptional services to all their clients. They offer their services in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. They began a guest satisfaction survey program to get their customer’s opinions about their products known as FirehouseListens. It also gives their customers a chance to win rewards when they take part in the feedback surveys. Any customer can visit the feedback website at

This survey helps firehouse subs to understand how their customers get served within all their outlets. It is, thus, important that if you have visited firehouse subs before, you still have a chance to submit your customer review without any costs. All you need to do is spare a few minutes to earn a $500 voucher.

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