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GM GlobalConnect is a web portal where dealers can access software necessary for doing business with General Motors. Presently, GM GlobalConnect works in more than ninety countries worldwide. GMGlobalConnect works in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, and Asia. GM Global Connect makes it easy for dealerships worldwide to order vehicles, submit warranty claims, or report deliveries.

What is GM GlobalConnect?

GM GlobalConnect is a web application for General Motor dealers across the Globe. As a GM dealer, the best way to communicate with the General Motors manufacturer is the GlobalConnect Online portal. All GM autopartners can visit the online web application at In addition, GM dealers can manage customer order details, Vehicle Service details, forms related to visitors purchasing, and other operations details, the status of the orders, incentives for the employees, and other activities related to your GM dealership.

As a General Motors dealership, you will need to log in to GM GlobalConnect online account. In this simple step-by-step guide, you will know how to Log in to the GMGlobalConnect account securely.

Also, you can find additional information about General Motors GlobalConnect online website features and avoid common mistakes. Keep in mind that is now moved to the new AUTOPARTNERS VSP Logon form website. So, dont worry if see the GM website being redirected to VSP LOGON FORM.

What Do You Require to access GM GlobalConnect Account?

Before you can log in to the GM auto Partner web portal, there are some simple and important things you should know for online security reasons. They include;

  1. A Smartphone or PC with the up to date browsers such as Safar or Google Chrome with a stable internet connection.
  2. Your GM Globalconnect auto partner dealership Username and Password.
  3. One more thing you should is website is now changed to
  4. All GMGlobalconnect auto dealers should use the new VSP LOGON FORM.

These are the most important thing you must have before accessing the site.

Login to GM Global Connect

You need a valid General Motors Dealership login Username and Password to Login to the AutoPartners GM GlobalConnect VSP Logon website. So here are the steps you need to follow to access your GMGlobalConnect account.

  • Open GM GlobalConnect’s official website on your mobile or desktop browser.
  • Enter your GMGlobalConnect username then the password.
  • Click the Gmglobalconnect login form button, You will be redirected to your account dashboard.
GM GlobalConnect VSP Login Form
Login to GM GlobalConnect Account

It is a simple process when you have all the credentials.

How to Reset GM Global Connect Password?

Many portal users tend to forget their passwords. That’s not a crime. It’s normal; all you need is to do the following thing to reset your account password.

  • Click Forgot Password on GM VSP Logon official website.
Password Reset on GlobalConnect
Forgot Password
  • Then enter your GM Global Connect username.
Enter the Gm global connect Username
Enter the Gmglobalconnect Username
  • Select continue

After you’ve done these, you will receive a password reset mail on your email address that you will use to reset your accounts password.

Reset GMGlobalConnect Login Username

Did you forget your username? This is not common, but it occurs sometimes. When it happens, don’t tense. It would be best if you went to your dealership administrator to help you reset the username. You should know that you can only reset your password on the GM GlobalConnect login page.

How to Register as a General Motors Dealership?

Do you want to become a GM dealer? Unfortunately, the GlobalConnect login portal doesn’t allow dealers to create new user accounts. But don’t worry. All you need is to contact the dealership administrator for enrollment.

GlobalConnect Help Desk Contacts

Sometimes you may require immediate help regarding GM auto dealership while employees are working. How do you contact the GlobalConnect help desk for technical queries or Incentive related queries? To find the contact information, you need to go to the official Help Desk website. Because GM is a multinational manufacturing company, it has offices in various countries. So, choose your state to get the phone number and email address. For example, here is a screenshot of the Global Connect help desk contact information.

General Motors Car Brands

Being a global car designer, manufacturer, and seller. General Motor has four vehicle brands. They comprise of;

  • Chevrolet
  • Buick
  • GMC
  • Cadillac

FIX GlobalConnect Page Not Loading

Apart from forgetting passwords or usernames, other errors can lead to the inability to access the web portal. The page not loading error is a standard error when accessing GlobalConnect. It is an error due to issues doing with the portal’s server. You cannot resolve this error, but it is solved within an hour.

Features of GM GlobalConnect

Business between General Motors and all their dealers worldwide needs to be accessible. Hence, this portal is easy to use. According to Tommy Brasher, the head of Brasher Motor Company, “You don’t need to take lots of training to use the portal as it is similar to My MSN or My Yahoo.”


  • Dealers can navigate through the web portal without difficulties, making it easy to communicate with GM quickly. Additionally, General Motors currently sends personalized messages to a specific group of dealers according to brand and role. Unlike before, where they send messages to all dealers.

Access to Workbench

  • To make work easy and get all the tools you as a dealer require to use daily. Now you can access them through Workbench. If it is about spare parts, sales, services, or vehicle orders, you can get them all via this feature.

Search Function

  • To search for anything on the portal is now easy with the new search function feature. For an easy and quick search, you can narrow it down according to date.

My Shortcuts Link

  • There’s no need to look for applications always. With My Shortcut links, you can now bookmark the apps you use more.
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Home Page Customization

  • As a dealership, you will have employees, but not all information on the portal is essential. Therefore, GlobalConnect enables you to customize your dealership’s homepage for employees to find crucial information quickly and easily.

Furthermore, the portal gives authority to the dealer to decide how much information an employee can access the store. Not to forget, the dealership can also know if an employee has read a message directed to them.

GM Dealer Digital Solution

To help dealers drive up their sales and the services they offer to their customers. General Motors has a GM dealer digital solution. The main aim of these services to dealers is to reduce digital expenses and complexity.

General Motors Company Information

Based in Detroit, USA, General Motors or GM is a global corporation that deals with designing, manufacturing, marketing, financial services, and distributing vehicles and vehicle spare parts. To bring all their dealers worldwide to one place, they use GM GlobalConnect.

How Can You Enroll for Digital Solutions?

If you are a new dealer and want to register for a digital dealer solution, you need to visit GM Dealer Digital.

Click on Enroll Now and complete the registration process.

Services and Products Available on Dealer Digital Solution

The following are services you as a dealer will enjoy on this platform.

  • Call tracking
  • Trade-in Tool
  • Reputation management
  • Vehicle image
  • Digital Advertising
  • Websites
  • GM Dealer Chat

Note: As a GM dealer, it is unnecessary to use the dealer’s digital solution partner.

Can a GM Customer Use GM GlobalConnect?

  • That’s not possible. The portal is only meant for GM dealerships.

Do General Motors Employees have Access to the portal?

  • GM employees have a separate web portal. Moreover, USA GM employees have their portal the same as those in Europe.

The GlobalConnect portal is one of a kind for GM dealerships. Therefore, you must become a dealer and contact a dealership administrator for registration if you want to access it. Login is fast and straightforward if you have all the said requirements.

Thanks for reading. In case you get some challenges, feel free to let us know through the comment section.