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JackListens is a survey by the Jack in the Box company that aims to improve their service delivery. This Www. JackListens.com survey is conducted online and through mail to ensure that customer feedback reaches the management through all channels.

The JackListens survey is pretty much straightforward and does not need so much to do. All you must have is a legitimate JackListens receipt from your most recent purchase at the restaurant. The next thing is a few minutes of your time, and you are good to go.

JackListens – www.JackListens.com

The JackListens survey is a five-minute feedback survey that gives you a platform to share your Jack in the Box restaurant experience. For example, you could raise a wide range of issues from the food quality or the wrong preparation of food. This Jack Listens survey collects all customers’ feedback about their recent visit to the Jack in the Box. 

In www.JackListens.com/survey, you do not need to hold back even the most negative thoughts you wish to express. That is your moment to speak the truth and be bold about it. Such guest satisfaction surveys are very efficient in letting a company know about its pros and cons. If you have something worth noting positively, do not hesitate. Talk about everything that impressed you the most at the restaurant and encouraged you to pay another visit. For example, did you find the staff quick, was the staff well dressed, and many other things you would want to commend the restaurant for?

JackListens Survey - www.JackListens.com

Jack Listens Survey Terms & Conditions

For you to take the survey from start to end, there are a few conditions that determine eligibility.

  1. You must be of age 18 and above to make your survey valid
  2. You are eligible to take the survey only if you are a resident of the 50 states of the USA
  3. It would be best if you were not an employee of the Jack in the Box chain of restaurants
  4. It would be best if you were not a relative of any employee of Jack in the Box
  5. You must have an understanding of either English or Spanish. These are the only languages that the survey is available in, and knowing any of them is necessary.

www.JackListens.com survey Guide

Taking part in the JackListens survey is an easy process. You can use the steps given below to finish the JackListens.Com Survey. Once you have submitted the customer feedback survey, you can claim your rewards.

  1. The first step is connecting your device to the Internet and ensuring that it is well powered. Your connection needs to be fast, and it is imperative because the entire process takes place online through their website.
  2. Visit the official Jack Listens survey portal at www.jacklistens.com/survey.
  3. Once you have opened the survey website, you will be directed to the homepage. You will get a thank you message for your participation and the language options that are allowed. You have the option of choosing between English and Spanish. Be very keen on this step because once you select a language that is the one you will use in the entire survey process.
  4. After you have selected the language, you will find a black dialogue Box that requires you to input the code printed on the receipt given to you after your purchase.
  5. The page has been designed to have a bar at the bottom that lets you track the percentage of the survey you have completed. This is good for ensuring that you do not get bored and quit halfway to almost finishing.
  6. After you have gone through all the questions and answered them appropriately, you can go back to review your survey responses before you submit them.

After confirming that the responses are accurate and satisfactory, submit the survey and be prepared to claim your reward coupons.

Requirements of JackListens.com survey

To participate in the JackListens survey, you need to have the following:

  1. A receipt from your last visit: you must carry a receipt from your previous visit to the restaurant before taking the survey. It will help if you remember to bring a receipt that is not older than three days. This is because each survey code expires within three days of purchase. The quicker expiry date is because Jack in the Box wanted to get the most accurate data from the surveys. The 14 digit code on the Jack in the Box receipt is crucial if you pass the verification test to take the survey.
  2. A stable internet connection: before you take any survey, you have to ensure that your internet connection is powerful. This is because you do not have to wait for the page to load as you take the survey.
  3. Free time to spare: survey questions might be many, and some need more concentration to answer. This is why you need to have time for yourself without distraction to partake in the survey. This gives you a seamless survey process without so much to worry about.
  4. It would be best if you had a computer or a smartphone. Additionally, you must have a device that connects to the internet, such as a tablet, a PC, or a smartphone. You can combine these devices to internet service and take the survey; however, the best method for handling the study is through a PC or a Laptop to give you better visuals and comprehension.

Rules of the JackListens Survey Receipt

To successfully submit the JackListens survey, you must abide by the following rules:

  1. You can only take the survey if you are fully eligible to take the survey. Your entry will be deleted if your survey is incomplete or take the survey when you are not eligible to take the Jack in the Box survey.
  2. If you take a survey and your responses seem biased, your entirety will be nullified, and you could be further barred from claiming any rewards from the Jack-in-the-box survey. Thus, even though the survey allows for honesty and openness, bias will not be tolerated.
  3. Before you take the survey, you need to have the most recent purchase receipt from your last visit. The ticket has the JackListens survey code printed on it, and this is a crucial requirement if you want to pass the verification test that unlocks your chance to take the survey.
  4. You are not allowed to tamper with the survey website. When you do this, it will be categorized as a civil rights infringement, and if you are caught, you will be charged.
  5. The JackListens coupon is meant to be used only once, and you cannot transfer it to anyone or use it repeatedly.
  6. Enter The 14 digit guest satisfaction survey code at JackListens.com.
  7. Jack Listens survey is open from 12AM – 12PM.
Jack in the Box 14 digit Code

Jack Listens Survey Details

Survey TypeOnline
RewardTwo Tacos or Coupons
LocationUSA & CA
LanguageEnglish & Spanish
Time2-5 Minutes
JackListens Customer Feedback Survey Information

Reasons for taking the JackListens guest satisfaction survey

The best kind of customer is the one who is always ready to inform the company on what they can improve for better service delivery. It is not wrong to believe that people can learn from their mistakes, and this philosophy also applies when you visit an eatery.

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for any company compared to other needs. Improving customer satisfaction plays a huge role in keeping the company’s reputation in place. In the earlier days before the internet, customers were given physical forms to fill in their feedback and then mail the papers back to the company or even carry it along on their next visit.

The issuance of feedback forms has not changed in the current environment, and many restaurants issue physical conditions to their customers. This was a better way of getting direct views of customers promptly, but this method was tedious. This prompted many restaurants to ditch the old-school style and use a more practical approach.

Jack in the Box is a massive chain of restaurants that serves in more than 2200 locations across America. With such volumes of customer information, maintaining customer record feedback becomes a challenging task. However, in the new digital era, companies have followed the digital path to keep their records.

The restaurant company has developed an online feedback portal like a Jack-in-the-box customer survey to allow customers to fill in their views and complaints to inform the company about their experience.

Through the Jack Listens survey, the Jack in the Box chain of restaurants wants to hear about your thoughts to help them improve their services. In addition, the company wants to learn from you how you would like to be served on your next visit. You can get free tacos in any store with the coupon code.

Jack Listens Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

The questions being asked in the Jack-in-the-box customer satisfaction survey are elementary and straightforward. The language used is clear and can be reasonably understood by people from any background. The questions are based on your experience when you recently visited the restaurant, and they cover the following aspects.

  • How was the store from inside? Was it clean?
  • How did you like the food? Did the chef provide you with a tasty meal?
  • What was the behavior of the staff members? For example, did they greet you at the entrance?
  • How likely are you to recommend the restaurant to other people?

 Jack in the Box survey Two Free Tacos Reward

Claiming the Jack Listens survey rewards is easy. You are required to follow the steps given above and finish the JackListens.Com survey. Once you have answered the questions and submitted the feedback, you will get a 14 Digit Jack-in-the-box survey coupon code that you can redeem to get free food like tacos or drinks. Thus, you get two rewards, and they may be printed on your receipt.

Here are some of the other Jack in the Box Offers list for you.

  • If you purchase one supreme croissant, you will be given one for free, or you might get a jumbo pack as a reward.
  • If you are lucky enough, you may get the Jack in the Box survey two free tacos as a gift. This is awarded when you buy anything from the eatery. You have the chance to claim this even when you buy a drink.

How to Redeem Jack Listens Coupon Code?

To redeem your Jack Listens coupon, You need to visit the Jack in the Box restaurant closer to you. In addition, you need to carry with you the last receipt with a 14 digit code to show purchase dates and the coupon code that you were awarded when you submitted the survey. The coupon code is only valid within the first seven days after you have participated in the study. After seven days, your coupon will expire. Your Coupon code is The 14 digit code that you will receive.

 Jack in the Box Customer Service Details

  • You can visit the official Jack Listens survey at JackListens.com to browse more information and also get more details about the restaurant chain, such as its new stores and more.
  • Check out the Jack Listens Survey official social media platforms, where they update the most recent offers.

You can ask more questions from Jack in the Box by filling out feedback, and you can mail your feedback through,

Jack in the Box Story

 Jack in the Box is an American fast-food chain restaurant founded in 1951 in San Diego, California. Robert O. Pearson created the company, and it is mainly serving the American market. The restaurant in the early days was run under the name Qdoba Mexican Grill and later got a name change in 2017.

 Jack in the Box prides itself on serving within 21 states in the USA. Its menu consists of delicious fast foods such as hamburgers, salads, chicken, sandwiches, desserts, and many more. The most famous foods that have put the restaurant on the map include French fries, burgers, and tacos.

Final words – www.JackListens.com guest satisfaction Survey

 Jack in the Box reaches out to all customers to present them and tell the restaurant about their experience. When you spare 3-5 minutes of your time to take the Jack-in-the-box guest feedback survey, it gives the company more insight into improving and serving you in the future.

Your reviews from the Www.JackListens.com survey are very crucial, and they matter a lot to the restaurant. They are always very eager to listen to you, and you get this chance to reach them directly.

When taking the online JackListens.com survey, give your honest reviews, and you will be awarded some coupons which you can redeem for gifts. In addition, you can be provided free food when you save the coupon codes. The 14 digit survey code helps you take the survey because it will expire within 72 hours after being sent to you.

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