Missions of Agents, Which Helped Fiesta Movement Greatly

Fiesta Movement is the best campaign for marketing, but there are so many factors for this success. First is selecting agents, and the next thing is obviously assigning them a monthly MISSION. This thing helped Fiesta to socialize in all platforms.

Creating buzz through social media platforms comes from Ford Motor Company and their Fiesta Movement effort behind their Fiesta version’s U.S. start. 100 social media influencers were solicited by Ford within the campaign and provided them with a European version of the automobile with “missions” to finish and requested them to record their experience on various societal routes.

By completing those missions and sharing their experience, it did wonders for them. Wait until you dive into Chapter 2 if you believed the first Fiesta Movement was cool.

Among the Missions in Chapter 2 is called “Show the World UR Personality,” where representatives will design their Fiesta wrapping to create a wrapping that fits their team’s style. Their personalized Fiesta will be delivered to the team of agents, and the greatest wrapping, as voted on by the devotees on www.fiestamovement.com, will afterward be accessible to consumers. Furthermore, the wrapping that is winning will be incorporated into a future national Fiesta display.

These representatives were chosen from over 1,000 applicants. Their assignment will be to redefine the manner while bringing the new model Fiesta to their communities is brought to market by socializing with consumers online and offline.

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In a saying, Ford Brand Content, Connie, and manager of Alliances said that “this was a natural progression from the Fiesta Movement’s first stage. Chapter 2 will be frozen in social media, but offline users will also reside and find its way this time. Fiesta needs to definitely be the star as their work is shared by the representatives of their communities and beyond.”