Windows has Stopped This Device Code 43 Error – Fix

Sometime back, my Windows device manager displayed an error code 43 after connecting my printer. I quickly searched online for the Code 43 issue on my phone. The solutions were many.

Fixing Windows Code 43 error simply required applying any of the below-given fixes.

As I went through my research, I learned more about Code 43 error. I learned that there are many reasons that any device from the could be stopped Windows. It could be a graphics card, an external hard drive, or anything that uses a USB.

I have more information on how to implement the above Code 43 solutions.

Here’s how.

Restarting your PC

It is a typical habit with computers to fix almost any issue with a simple restart. Restarting your PC always unlocks the device drivers that may stall the device connection.

The restart process is simple;

  • Press Alt+F4, The Shut Down Windows page opens
  • Scroll down to Restart
  • Press OK, and your device will restart

Reconnect device. Usually, you can restart your PC only once. If the Code 43 persists, then you may need to try another method.

This time let’s troubleshoot the problem. Let me show you how I do it.

How to Troubleshoot Code 43 Error?

Troubleshooting is usually an effective method for Windows PC. Often I use it for my wireless connections, and it seldom disappoints.

Let’s try it for our Code 433 error.

1. Click the Start button and type Run

2. Click on the Run icon (The Windows Run Box will open)

Windows has Stopped This Device Code 43 Error
Click Run icon

3. Type Control in the run box(Control Panel opens)

Run Box
Type Control

4. Type Troubleshoot at the Search Control Panel box and search

5. Click on Troubleshooting(Go to Hardware and Sound)

Trobleshooting Button on Control Panel
Click Troubleshooting

6. Select Configure a device

7. Click Next on the page that opens

8. PC will start resolving problems (In our case the device that stopped working)

Windows tries to fix the problem automatically. For my device, it directed me to install a new driver for USB.

9. Click apply the fix, a good connection should quickly install the driver.

I learned that sometimes when a driver is out of date, Code 43 occurs. When using the troubleshooting method, then a recommendation may be to update the USB device driver.

Updating a driver is another method for solving Code 43 error. The process of updating a driver is pretty easy. I will show you how.

How to Fix Code 43 By Updating Drivers?

The most common driver in most Windows PCs is the Generic USB Hub. The process of updating Generic USB Hub is simple. Let’s do this.

1. Press Windows+R on your keyboard

2. The run box will open

3.Type devmgmt.msc in run box and press OK(Device Manager window will open)

Device Manager Shortcut Via Run Box
Type devmgmt.msc and press OK

4. Scroll down to Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controllers and click on it

5. Right-click on Generic USB Hub and select Update Driver Software

Update USB Controller Page
Expand USB Controller, Right-click on Generic USB Hub, and select Update Driver Software

6. Select the “Browse my computer for driver software” option

7. Then click on “Let me pick from a list of  device drivers on my computer” button

8. Click on Next(A window appears)

9. Click on Generic USB Hub and click Next

You can do the same for other drivers under the USB option. Doing this could eliminate the Code 43 error.

Alternative method: If the error persists, you could apply the uninstalling method. 

Stay with me as I give you more details on this alternative method.

How to Uninstall Drivers and Fix Code 43

The path to uninstalling drivers is quite similar to that of updating. Here’s how to do it:

1. Press Windows+R (Run box opens)

2. Type devmgmt.msc and click OK

3. On Device Manager page that opens, scroll to Universal Serial Bus Controllers

4. Click on it to expand, scroll to USB drivers with warning icons

5. Right-click on each of them and scroll to Uninstall and select it

6. You can then restart your PC and check with Code 43 is fixed ( I showed you how to restart your PC above)

At this point, error Code 43 may be fixed. However, if it continues, do not worry. We’re there are more solutions.

We can try another method: “Changing USB selective suspend settings

How to Change USB Selective Suspend Settings?

Sometimes Windows stops a device because your PC is saving on power. These settings are usually selective.

We can fix error code 43 by changing USB selective settings. So how will we do it?

1. Go start and search for Control Panel

2. Type Power Options on Control Panel search box

3. Click on Power Options

4. Go to your power-saving plan and click change plan settings( A page will open)

5. Click on Change advanced power settings

6. Scroll USB settings and click on the + before it (USB selective suspend settings page that opens)

7. Expand this selective suspend settings and change On Battery and Plugged In options to disabled.

8. At the bottom, click apply, then press OK.

9. Reboot your device and see whether the code 43 persists.

In case the issue persists, then there is still one thing you can do. You could remove the power supply.

How to Fix Code 43 By Removing Power Supply?

This process is the simplest. All you need to do is:

  1. Remove the power supply from PC
  2. Restart PC
  3. Reconnect USB device to the USB port
  4. Once the USB device connects to PC, connect PC to power plug again.

By now your device should be free of interruptions by Windows to start. The solutions to error Code 43 are numerous. The above can solve your error. Try them out and see how it goes.