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Guide to Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey

What is TellPopeyes.Com Survey?

TellPopeyes is a customer feedback survey conducted by Popeyes, a popular fast-food chain. The purpose of this survey is to gauge customer satisfaction with their dining experiences and to constantly improve the quality of service. To participate in the survey, you can visit the official website at

During the survey, you will be asked several questions related to your recent visit to a Popeyes restaurant. These questions will cover aspects such as food quality, taste, and overall service. By providing your honest feedback, you help Popeyes make informed decisions and implement necessary changes to enhance your future dining experiences. Follow the steps given below to complete the Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey:

  1. Visit
  2. Select your preferred language (English or Spanish).
  3. Enter the restaurant number, date, time, and total amount spent from your receipt.
  4. Answer the survey questions honestly and submit.

Remember, your feedback is valuable, and Popeyes appreciates your participation in the TellPopeyes survey.

Steps to Do TellPopeyes.Com Survey

Getting a Survey Invitation

To participate in the Guest Satisfaction Survey, you need to have a recent purchase receipt from a Popeyes restaurant in the United States or Canada. Ensure that you are a legal resident of the respective country and save your receipt as it contains essential information like the restaurant number, date, and time of your visit.

Entering the TellPopeyes.Com Survey

When you have your receipt ready, open your smartphone or laptop and visit the official TellPopeyes survey website at The survey is available in both English and Spanish, so choose your preferred language before proceeding. You will be asked to enter the restaurant number, date, time, and total amount spent, as mentioned on your purchase receipt. These details are necessary to validate your survey.

Completing the TellPopeyes Survey

Once you have entered the required information, follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the customer feedback questionnaire. The survey will ask you questions related to your visit, such as the quality and taste of the food, the service, and your overall experience. Be honest and provide specific details, as your feedback will help Popeyes improve its services.

Questions you may be asked in the www.TellPopeyes.Com Survey include:

  • What was the quality of the food served in the restaurant?
  • How was the taste of the food you ordered?

Take your time when answering the questionnaire, but remember that it should not take too long to complete. After finishing the www.TellPopeyes.Com Survey, you will need to provide your contact details. This information will be used to contact you if you win any of the survey rewards or sweepstakes.

Claim TellPopeyes.Com Survey Reward

Upon completing the TellPopeyes survey, you will receive a validation code as a reward for your time and effort. This code can be used to redeem various rewards, such as free food, gift cards, and sweepstakes entries for cash prizes. Write the validation code on your receipt and take it with you on your next visit to Popeyes. Make sure to claim your reward within the stipulated time frame mentioned in the survey instructions.

Remember that the survey rewards can vary and may consist of discounts, coupons, or sweepstakes for a chance to win cash prizes. Ensure to check the official rules to adequately follow the claiming process and be mindful of any limitations on the number of survey entries or rewards.

Welcome to TellPopeyes Survey at Www.Tellpopeyes.Com

TellPopeyes Survey Requirements

Before participating in the Popeyes® Guest Satisfaction Survey, you should be aware of certain requirements and eligibility criteria. These are put in place to ensure valid responses and maintain the integrity of the survey.

To start with, you must be at least 16 years old to take the TellPopeyes survey. Additionally, you should be a citizen or legal resident of the United States or Canada. This is crucial as the survey’s target audience is specifically customers from these countries.

As an employee of Popeyes or a family member of an employee, you are not eligible to participate in the survey. This is to ensure unbiased responses and accurate results that can be used to improve customer experiences in the future.

When you decide to take the TellPopeyes survey, you will need a Popeyes receipt with a restaurant number, as well as the date, time, and total amount spent. These details are essential to validate your survey and confirm that you have recently visited a Popeyes restaurant.

Remember to visit the official TellPopeyes survey website ( and select your preferred language, either English or Spanish. Be prepared to respond to various feedback questions about the quality, taste, and overall experience during your visit. It is important to be candid and honest in your feedback to help the restaurant make necessary improvements.

Finally, keep in mind that the number of times you can take the survey and receive rewards may vary depending on the type of reward being offered. For example, if it’s a coupon discount, feel free to take the survey as many times as you want, as long as you have a valid survey invitation. Alternatively, if the reward involves entry into a sweepstakes, refer to the official rules for maximum allowed entries within each entry period.

TellPopeyes Survey Prizes and Sweepstakes

Participating in the TellPopeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey not only provides valuable feedback to improve the products and services offered at Popeyes, but also gives you a chance to win attractive rewards. Upon completion of the survey, you’ll be eligible for either a coupon discount or sweepstakes entry, depending on the specific survey reward.

If the reward is a coupon discount, feel free to take the survey as many times as you’d like, provided you have a valid survey invitation each time. This way, you can maximize your savings on your next visit to Popeyes. When it comes to sweepstakes, make sure to check the official rules for the maximum number of entries per entry period.

A common prize for sweepstakes winners is a $1000 gift card. This enticing reward will allow you to enjoy numerous meals at Popeyes while experiencing consistent customer satisfaction. Additionally, other prizes or vouchers might be available, depending on the terms and conditions of each survey.

It’s important to note that participating in the TellPopeyes survey is not linked to the location of a specific Popeyes restaurant. Whether you visited a branch in New Orleans, Atlanta, or any other city, your feedback and survey participation are equally significant.

In summary, participating in the TellPopeyes Satisfaction Survey offers you the opportunity to make your voice heard and contribute to the ongoing improvement of Popeyes’ products and services, all while getting a chance to win fabulous rewards or discounts. So, take the survey, share your experience, and enjoy the benefits of your involvement.

TellPopeyes Menu Items and Food Quality

When you visit Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, you can expect a wide variety of menu items that cater to different tastes. As a renowned fast-food chain, Popeyes specializes in serving fried chicken, seafood dishes, delicious sandwiches, and burgers.

In terms of food quality, you will find that their fried chicken has a crispy and flavorful coating that sets it apart from other fast-food chains. Additionally, Popeyes has sides like Cajun french fries and their famous biscuits to complement your meal. Many customers have praised their biscuits for being fluffy and buttery, enhancing the entire food experience.

Seafood options such as the recently introduced Cajun Flounder Sandwich showcase Popeyes’ innovation and their commitment to providing diverse menu items to customers. With this addition, they aim to attract seafood lovers and showcase their ability to branch out from just chicken dishes.

While indulging in their delicious menu, remember that some offerings might be high in calories, fat, and sodium, especially desserts like the Edward’s sliced pecan pie. Therefore, make informed choices about your meal to maintain a balanced diet.

As you participate in the TellPopeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey, consider your overall food experience and the quality of the dishes you tried during your visit. When answering the survey questions, think about the taste, freshness, and presentation of your meal, as well as the staff’s behavior and restaurant cleanliness. Providing honest feedback will help Popeyes improve their food quality and customer experience, ensuring your satisfaction during future visits.

The Purpose of Www.TellPopeyes.Com Survey

The TellPopeyes survey is a customer satisfaction survey designed to help the management of the restaurant chain gather valuable feedback from their patrons. By participating in this online survey, you play a vital role in assisting the company in understanding your customer experience with their products and services.

In order to provide the best possible experience for their loyal customers, management at Popeyes utilizes the data collected from the TellPopeyes survey. This information helps them identify areas that need improvement and make impactful decisions to enhance the overall dining experience. The survey focuses on a variety of factors such as food quality, staff behavior, restaurant cleanliness, and overall customer satisfaction.

Taking part in the TellPopeyes survey is a simple process. First, you will need to visit the TellPopeyes website and have a recent receipt from a Popeyes restaurant handy. The receipt should contain a unique invitation code, which you will need to enter on the website. Once your entry is validated, you can proceed to answer a series of questions related to your recent dining experience at Popeyes.

Be honest and concise in your responses, as your input is valuable in helping the restaurant chain make necessary improvements for the betterment of the menu and service quality. By participating in the TellPopeyes survey, not only do you contribute essential feedback for the company’s success, but you may also receive rewards or discounts as a token of appreciation for your time and effort.

Remember, your voice and opinions matter. Engaging in the TellPopeyes survey is an excellent way to have a direct impact on the future of the Popeyes dining experience, ensuring that the restaurant chain continues to surpass its patrons’ expectations.

TellPopeyes on Social Media

If you’re a Popeyes customer with a recent dining experience, you can participate in the TellPopeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey. Before diving into the survey steps, let’s talk about TellPopeyes on social media platforms, primarily focusing on Twitter and Facebook.

Being active on social media is a great way for Popeyes to engage with their customers and receive instant feedback. It also allows you to stay updated with the latest offers, promotions, and news from the brand. Twitter and Facebook are two such platforms where you can directly interact with Popeyes and voice your opinions.

On Twitter, follow the official Popeyes account, @PopeyesChicken, to stay tuned to their latest updates and announcements. Feel free to tweet or reply to their posts with your experiences, feedback, or questions. You can also use the ‘@PopeyesChicken’ mention to tag them in your relevant tweets or use the hashtag ‘#TellPopeyes’ to join the conversation with other customers.

Similarly, you can visit the official Popeyes Facebook page and connect with them through likes, comments, and shares. They often post about new menu items, promotions, and updates. You can use the Facebook page to post your feedback, ask questions, or share your dining experiences at Popeyes.

Now that you’re aware of TellPopeyes on social media let’s discuss the steps to participate in the Popeyes® Guest Satisfaction Survey. To participate, visit the official TellPopeyes survey website at and follow these simple steps:

  1. Select your preferred language, either English or Spanish.
  2. Enter the restaurant number, date, time, and total amount spent from your Popeyes receipt. These details are necessary to validate your survey.

After completion, you will be asked a series of questions about your dining experience. Your honest feedback will help Popeyes improve their services and better cater to your needs in the future.

So, don’t hesitate to interact with Popeyes on social media or take part in their guest satisfaction survey to ensure that your voice is heard and valued.

Popeyes: The Brand and Restaurant Locations

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., is an American multinational chain of fried chicken fast-food restaurants that originated in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The brand was originally named Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits and later changed to Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits. Over the years, they have expanded their locations and are now headquartered in Miami.

Popeyes is renowned for its mouth-watering, crispy fried chicken that bursts with Louisiana flavor. When you visit one of their restaurants, you can find a diverse menu offering a variety of items such as chicken, seafood, sides, sandwiches, and desserts. Your meal will be cooked with their unique blend of spices, providing an authentic, and delicious taste.

Now, about the locations. Popeyes restaurants can be found throughout the United States and in many international locations. They have a strong presence in North America, and you can also find them in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. To discover the nearest Popeyes location to satisfy your cravings, simply use their website or mobile app.

Prices at Popeyes vary slightly by location, but overall, they offer affordable and delicious fast food for you and your family to enjoy. Make sure to be on the lookout for promotions and special offers to get the most out of your dining experience.

In addition to visiting their physical locations, you can also enjoy Popeyes at the comfort of your home. They offer delivery and digital orders through their mobile app to make it easy for you to get your favorite Louisiana-inspired dishes delivered right to your doorstep.

Before we conclude, let’s briefly touch on the topic of TellPopeyes. TellPopeyes is an official guest satisfaction survey by Popeyes that allows you to provide feedback on your dining experience and potentially earn rewards or discount coupons for your future visits. To participate, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open your device’s browser and visit the TellPopeyes website at
  2. Click on the “Take part in the survey” button to start.
  3. You will be prompted to enter the time, place, location, and date of your visit to the restaurant.

By completing the survey, you contribute to the improvement of Popeyes and might earn yourself some rewards. Now you’re all set to enjoy the delicious taste of Popeyes while making sure your experience is heard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a validation code after taking the TellPopeyes survey?

To obtain a validation code after taking the TellPopeyes survey, follow these steps:

  1. Open your device browser and visit
  2. Click on the “Take Survey” button.
  3. Enter the time, place, location, and date of your visit to the restaurant.
  4. Answer all the survey questions honestly, based on your recent Popeyes experience.
  5. After completing the survey, you will receive a validation code. Write it down on your Popeyes receipt.

What is the process for redeeming the TellPopeyes reward code?

To redeem the TellPopeyes reward code, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have written the validation code on your Popeyes receipt.
  2. Bring your receipt with the validation code during your next visit to a Popeyes restaurant.
  3. Show the validation code to the staff when placing your order.
  4. The staff will apply the reward or discount associated with the validation code to your order.

Please note that the reward or discount may vary, depending on the specific promotion at the time.

Can I report any complaints or issues about Popeyes via the Www.TellPopeyes.Com survey?

Yes, you can report any complaints or issues about Popeyes via the TellPopeyes survey. The survey includes questions related to food quality, staff behavior, restaurant cleanliness, and overall customer experience. By providing honest feedback, you will help Popeyes continually improve the quality of their service and products.

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