NJMCDirect : Pay NJ Traffic Tickets Online

NJMCdirect is an online website created to pay New jersey traffic tickets without visiting Municipal Courts. Njmcdirect.com also known as NJMCDIRECT is an online portal opened by the NJMC for the convenience of the New Jersey residents to pay traffic violation and municipal violation tickets.

All you need to do is visit the official New Jersey Courts website at www.NJMCdirect.com and follow the simple steps to complete your payment. On the Njmcdirect website, you will find all the necessary information regarding your traffic ticket and why it was issued, fine levied, due date and surcharges, etc.

Pay NJ traffic tickets online at NJMCdirect

NJMCdirect is an extremely convenient tool to pay your bills, fees, or parking tickets separately without having to wait in the courtroom. Additionally, the portal has also been marked as a safer and more convenient method to pay your fines for traffic violations within the territories of New Jersey.

Even if you are on a vacation, you can pay your fine promptly with the help of the www.njmcdirect.com online portal. Going to court is not necessary at all. All you need to have is a mobile phone or a laptop and a decent internet connection to pay the fees on time and avoid any surcharges.

How to use NJMCDirect?

  • The first step is to visit NJMCDirect official website at njmcdirect.com or https://portalnjmcdirect-cloud.njcourts.gov.
  • Enter your Ticket Number, License Number, Name or Vehicle Registration.
  • Look for the options “Time payment order” or “Traffic ticket search”
  • Click on the option “Time payment order” to proceed with your payment
  • You will then be redirected to a new page where you have to submit the required information.

Information required to pay NJ Traffic tickets online

Before you can pay your fees, ticket, or bills, you need to have the following documents handy.

  • Number of the Traffic/Parking Ticket
  • Registration number of your vehicle

In case you do not have the above details, you can still search for your ticket number by providing at least one of the following details:

  • Complaint Number and
  • Driving License Number
  • Name
Find New Jersey Municipal Traffic Ticket Njmcdirect
Find New Jersey Municipal Traffic Ticket Njmcdirect

Njcmdirect Ticket Search Results

  • Search Results by Traffic Ticket/Slip Number: Users can easily search for their outstanding dues using their ticket numbers. The retrieved information would include the Court ID, the name of the Municipal Court, and prefixes if any.
  • Search Results by Complaint Number: This search will provide the users with details such as Municipal Court Code, name of the state, prefix, complaint number, and the person’s name on which the ticket issued.
  • Search Results Using License Number: If you use your license number to search your traffic details, you will come up with the state’s name and license ID (including Class).
  • Search Results Using Name: If you want to search your traffic ticket using your name, you should input your first and last name in full along with the initial of your middle name.

Njmcdirect Payment Options

Once you have submitted the details of your ticket and vehicle, you will be directed to a different window where you have to submit your payment details.

  • NJMCDirect accepts payments from all debit and credit cards backed by popular payment gateways such as Mastercard, VSA, and Discover. However, a service fee of 3% is applicable on all payments made using the above methods.
  • If none of these options are viable to you, please check the reverse of your traffic ticket to find an option that best suits you.

You can check the details of your transaction on the portal which are available for the next 90 days. In case of any mishaps during the payment, contact the customer service, and lodge a complaint. Keep the complaint number handy for future reference in case you get handed a surcharge for not paying in time.

njmcdirect pay traffic ticket online New Jersey Courts
njmcdirect pay traffic ticket online New Jersey Courts

NJ Surcharge and Additional Violations

Surcharges are applicable when existing fines are not paid in time as well as based on whether the drivers have excessive traffic violations in their record. The legality of the surcharges dates back to 1983 and users may more information on types of surcharges at the NMCdirect Surcharge web portal.

NJMCDirect.Com FAQs and Queries

For all FAQ’s and other queries, kindly visit http://www.state.nj.us/mvc. The platform is compatible with a majority of the browsers including Safari, Chrome, and Windows Explorer 9.0.

NJMCDirect Portal Payment Timings

It should be noted that the NJMCDirect portal for online payments of traffic offenses doesn’t operate 24/7. You can pay your tickets only during these stipulated payment window timings.

  • Mondays-Thursdays:0430 hours-2315 hours (EST)
  • Fridays Mondays-Thursdays:0430 hours-2215 hours (EST)
  • Saturdays:0430 hours-1515 hours (EST)
  • Sundays:1300 hours-2315 hours (EST)

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