Updated on Feb 2020.

Hey guys, Finally, the Fiesta Team and I decided to make this blog active after year. From now on, we will focus on Tech, Windows 10, Mac, and other latest technology news and how-to guides.

Thanks for supporting us throughout the years.

Hi, I’m Julian, founder of http://www.fiestamovement.com/. This website is established to give information on the Fiesta Movement, which took place in 2009. Along with this, I would like to keep you updated in the leading fields like Android and all other aspects of technology. If you want, you can contact me here.

Fiesta Movement: It was a social media initiative designed to create excitement about the new FordFiesta, putting the small car on the minds of thousands of people nationwide in the U.S. in 2009. Fiesta Movement Chapter 2 consists of 20 teams comprised of two agents each.