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What is the Guestobsessed Survey?

The Guestobsessed Survey is a customer satisfaction survey for the Checkers & Rally’s double drive-thru restaurant chain. This American food chain has designed this survey to obtain candid feedback from its customers regarding their most recent dining experiences. The information collected through this survey helps Checkers & Rally’s understand their areas of improvement and what aspects of their services resonate well with their clientele.

Participation in the www.Guestobsessed.Com Survey involves answering a series of questions based on the customer’s personal experience at a Checkers or Rally’s location. These questions revolve around various aspects, such as food quality, staff behavior, and overall ambiance. Customers are encouraged to provide genuine and unbiased feedback as it helps the restaurant chain grow and continually enhance their services.

To begin the survey, customers must have a recent receipt from a Checkers or Rally’s visit. The receipt contains a 20-digit Survey Code, which is entered to access the survey page. Upon answering the questions, the survey is considered 15% complete, and the participant proceeds to fill out the rest based on their recent experiences.

As a token of appreciation for sharing their valued feedback, customers who complete the Guestobsessed Survey may receive a reward, such as a free sandwich or coupon. This offer benefits both the company and the customer, as the former gets invaluable data to analyze and implement improvements, while the latter enjoys a complimentary offering for just a few minutes of their time. Overall, the www.Guestobsessed.Com Survey aims to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction that Checkers and Rally’s are known for, while driving the growth and success of these popular double drive-thru restaurants.

How to Take the Guestobsessed.Com Survey

Guestobsessed Survey Website

To participate in Checkers and Rally’s Guestobsessed Survey, visit the official survey website at The site will guide you through the process and prompt you to provide the necessary information from your receipt.

Guestobsessed.Com Survey Code

The 20-digit survey code is a key requirement to begin the survey. You can find this code in the middle of your Checkers or Rally’s receipt. Please make sure you have the receipt handy before starting the survey.

Store Number

In case you don’t have the 20-digit survey code, you can still participate in the www.Guestobsessed.Com Survey using the store number.

  1. Locate the 4-digit store number on your receipt.
  2. Along with the store number, you will also need the date and time of your visit to the restaurant.

Guestobsessed SurveyCompletion Steps

Follow these steps to complete the Guestobsessed Survey:

  1. Begin by visiting the survey link.
  2. Enter the 20-digit survey code or the 4-digit store number, date, and time of your visit.
  3. Answer the questions related to your recent visit, providing candid feedback.
  4. Upon completion, you’ll receive a coupon for a free sandwich or other reward as a token of appreciation for your participation.

Remember to participate in the survey, you must be a resident of the United States or Washington, DC, and have made a purchase at a Checkers or Rally’s restaurant. By following these steps, you can successfully complete the Guestobsessed Survey and claim your rewards.

Take Checkers & Rally's Survey at Guestobsessed.Com

Guestobsessed.Com Survey Benefits

Guestobsessed Rewards

Participating in the Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey brings numerous benefits along with their attention to customer satisfaction. One of the primary reasons customers choose to participate in the satisfaction survey is the potential to earn rewards. After successfully completing the survey, participants receive a coupon that they can redeem for a free sandwich on their next visit, provided they also make a purchase of a large drink.

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Guestobsessed.Com Survey Offers

Apart from receiving a free sandwich, the coupon also provides customers with access to exclusive offers from the Checkers and Rally’s menu. This way, participants get the opportunity to enjoy their favorite items at discounted prices. The online survey isn’t just a tool to provide feedback on the service and food quality; it’s also a means for Checkers and Rally’s to show their appreciation to customers in the form of a variety of offers and deals. By actively engaging with the survey questions, customers are not only voicing their opinions but also gaining insights into upcoming promotions.

Through the Guest Obsessed Survey, Checkers and Rally’s have managed to create a method for their customers to feel valued by actively offering rewards, offers, and better service experiences. Participation not only comes with immediate perks but also contributes to the improvement of future visits for all guests.

www.Guestobsessed.Com Survey Rules

Age and Location Requirements

For participating in the GuestObsessed.Com Survey, there are certain age and location requirements that customers must meet. The minimum age limit for survey participation is 18 years. Furthermore, the survey is open to all residents of the United States and the Washington DC region.

Receipt Validity

In order to take the www.GuestObsessed.Com Survey, customers must possess a valid receipt from their recent visit to Checkers & Rally’s. The receipt should not be older than 30 days and must contain either a 20-digit survey code or a 4-digit store number. These codes are essential for entering and completing the survey.

Coupon Validity

Once customers successfully complete the GuestObsessed Survey, they will be rewarded with a free sandwich coupon. It is important to note that the coupon should be redeemed within the specified time frame mentioned in the survey, as it may expire if not used promptly. In addition, participants should read and follow any additional terms and conditions associated with the coupon to ensure its proper usage.

Questions Asked in Guestobsessed Survey

The GuestObsessed Survey focuses on obtaining customer feedback on various aspects such as customer satisfaction, service quality, and overall customer experience. The questions in the survey are designed to gather insights on these factors, helping Checkers and Rally’s improve their offerings and services.

The survey consists of multiple-choice questions regarding customers’ recent visits to Checkers and Rally’s. It will ask about the following:

  • The overall satisfaction with the service and food quality.
  • Rating the taste and freshness of the food items ordered.
  • Cleanliness and ambiance of the restaurant.
  • Ease of placing the order and timeliness of service.
  • Politeness and attentiveness of the staff members.
  • Whether or not the customer experienced any issues during their visit.

Customers may also be asked open-ended questions, giving them a chance to share their thoughts and provide more detailed feedback on specific aspects of their experience.

The www.GuestObsessed.Com Survey ensures that the input received is valuable and actionable. This, in turn, helps Checkers and Rally’s identify areas where they need to improve customer satisfaction. By providing honest and accurate responses, participants play a crucial role in shaping the future of the restaurant and ultimately creating a better customer experience.

Redeem Guestobsessed Survey Coupon

The Guestobsessed Survey rewards customers with a coupon, giving them the opportunity to receive a special offer on their next visit to Checkers and Rally’s. Participating in the Guestobsessed Survey enables customers to contribute valuable feedback that can be utilized to improve overall customer experience while enjoying a discounted meal on their subsequent visit.

To redeem the coupon, the customer simply has to present it at any Checkers or Rally’s location during their purchase. The coupon can be used for a variety of offers, such as a free sandwich when buying a large drink, or receiving a discount on selected menu items like fries and soft drinks.

Please note that the offer associated with the coupon may vary by location and is subject to change. It is essential for customers to carefully read the terms and conditions mentioned on the coupon to fully comprehend the offer’s limitations and requirements.

In summary, the www.Guestobsessed.Com Survey not only grants customers a chance to share their invaluable insights but also rewards them with attractive offers. By redeeming the coupon, they can enjoy mouthwatering deals on food items, such as sandwiches, fries, and soft drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Participating in the Guestobsessed Survey can bring you rewards, but it’s essential to understand the requirements and rules. Here, we’ve compiled answers to some frequently asked questions to provide a clear and confident guide for those interested in taking the survey.

What is the Guestobsessed.Com Survey?

The Guestobsessed Survey is a customer feedback program run by Checkers and Rally’s restaurants. They value their customers’ candid feedback and offer a reward – typically a free sandwich – as an incentive for completing the survey.

What are the requirements for participating in the www.Guestobsessed.Com Survey?

To participate in the Guestobsessed Survey, you must:

  • Be a resident of the United States or Washington DC
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid receipt from your recent visit to a Checkers or Rally’s restaurant

How can I access the www.Guestobsessed.Com Survey?

To begin the survey, visit the Guestobsessed website within a week of receiving your receipt. You will need to enter the 20-digit Survey Code located in the middle of your receipt.

What are the rules for the Guestobsessed Survey?

The main rules for participating in the survey are:

  • Provide honest answers to the survey questions
  • Redeem the reward within the specified timeframe, typically within 30 days
  • Only one survey per receipt is allowed
  • Survey rewards cannot be combined with other discount offers

What types of questions will I encounter in Guestobsessed survey?

The survey contains various questions about the service, product quality, and your experience with the employee during your visit. You can also write comments about the service provided.

How can I claim the reward after completing the Guestobsessed survey?

Upon finishing the survey, you will receive a validation code. Write this code on your receipt and present it at a participating Checkers or Rally’s location to claim your free sandwich reward.

By following these guidelines and keeping the requirements and rules in mind, you can successfully participate in the www.Guestobsessed.Com Survey and enjoy the benefit of a free sandwich at Checkers and Rally’s restaurants.

Corporate Information


Checkers and Rally’s, the companies behind GuestObsessed Survey, have their corporate headquarters situated in Tampa, Florida. This centralized location was chosen to better manage and support their numerous restaurant locations throughout the United States.

Contact Information

For those wishing to reach out to the company regarding the GuestObsessed survey or any other matters, here is the available contact information:

  • Phone Number: You can reach the corporate office by phone at (813) 283-7000.
  • Email Address: For any email inquiries, contact the company at [email protected]. This email address caters specifically to customer feedback, including concerns or questions about the GuestObsessed survey.

Keep in mind that contacting the company through email or phone regarding the survey should be done if you encounter any difficulties or require assistance in completing it. The company appreciates your honest feedback and participation in their survey.

Guestobsessed Survey Additional Resources

The GuestObsessed Survey serves as an opportunity for the popular fast-food restaurant chain, Checkers and Rally’s, to obtain honest responses from their customers regarding their services. For those who wish to participate in the guest obsessed customer satisfaction survey, they must have their purchase receipt with the store number and date of their visit. Participants must have a good internet connection to access the survey page, as it is only available online.

To start the survey, visit and enter either the 20-digit survey code or the 4-digit store number, date, and check number from your receipt. Once you begin the process, the survey will lead you through a series of questions aimed at understanding your experience and collecting valuable feedback for improving customer satisfaction. Remember, it is important to provide honest answers on the survey page to contribute effectively to their improvement process.

Furthermore, there are two ways to participate in the GuestObsessed Survey: You can choose between entry with a 20-digit survey code or entry with a 4-digit store number, date, and check number, depending on the information located on your receipt. Regardless of the method, all United States and Washington D.C. residents are eligible to take part.

If you need support or have suggestions for the survey, you can reach out to their customer service and connect to their official Facebook page for recent updates or information about the fast-food restaurant chain, menu items, deals, and promotional events. As an added incentive for completing the customer survey, participants can win a free sandwich.

In summary, the GuestObsessed Survey is an excellent tool to offer feedback to Checkers and Rally’s, ultimately helping them enhance the dining experience of their customers. Whether you enjoyed your takeaway or home delivery meal, don’t hesitate to share your opinions and experiences through this survey.

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