NJ Surcharge Payment Online at www.njsurcharge.com

NJ surcharge is a fine charge liable for drivers upon making violations of the laws set by the New Jersey Surcharge Violation System. The NJSurcharge is calculated or charged every year against a driver’s records for exceeding the maximum set of points. These traffic violation points will be added according to the NJ traffic rules.  

NJ Surcharge Payment Online at www.njsurcharge.com

NJSurcharge details are accessible by the online NJSVS or New Jersey Surcharge Violation System. In detail, the NJSVS is backed by an online database. Driver identification details are part of the records that cumulatively tally any contraventions you commit as a driver. 

NJ drivers are awarded points incrementally as they commit driving violations. It means, in most of the occasions, cops will not drag you to court. But you have to be careful; beyond the set minimum points, you have to pay an extra fine, apart from the actual ticket charge. That’s the surcharge.

Surcharge fines are notified to you, detailing what your errors were. Generally, in New Jersey state you will get it to the address listed on your driving license. If not you can access these NJSurcharge details online at www.njsurcharge.com

To minimize or keep off the surcharges, you are required to drive safely.

Note: The surcharge takes into account any fines and penalties imposed on drivers by courts of law. The regulations in New Jersey enforcing the assessment of surcharges and any penalties arising from non-settlement have been in force since 1983.

How to Pay NJ Surcharge Online?

  1. Visit the official New Jersey Surcharge Online payment website at www.njsurcharge.com/ and Enter the following details
  2. The number of your Driving license
  3. The Surcharge number
  4. Judgment number
  5. The number of  your Installment plan for settling the fines

To help the system search with ease, finalize the above by entering the following:

  • The notification number
  • Your date of birth in the order: Month/ Day/ Year

All the above details are picked by a system form that creates your query. To activate it, look over again to just verify correctness.

If everything is correct, press send.

Suppose you note an error, press cancel and start again, this time entering the correct detail. Then resubmit.

njmcdirect Surcharge Payment

How is the NJ Surcharge Calculated?

The NJ MVC calculates NJ surcharges based on a roster. According to the categories, you pay lesser fines for lesser flouts. And of course, the more errant one is, the higher the payable fines.

Best if you can drive for years without committing any of the errors.

The amount of the surcharge is stated in the billing notice. It summarizes the surcharge from the counts and gives the total amount due from a liable driver.

Further, the billing notice gives drivers the options of paying by installments and usually spreads out onto a period not exceeding half a year and the installments fall due on a monthly cycle.

More information: NJ Surcharge Information

Other Details in a Surcharge Notice

 Each count of violation is listed with the corresponding surcharged amount. There’s also the caution of the withdrawal of the license upon failure to pay the amounts due.

Further details indicate that upon withdrawal of the license, there’s a fine payable for the restoration of it.

 Drivers are required to pay both surcharge amounts due plus the license restoration fees for then to get their driving license restored.

The NJMVC charges a flat rate of $100 as restoration fees.

Payment Options Available to Pay NJ Surcharge

 Every billing notice has a list of payment options at its bottom.

 They are:

  • Settle your surcharge debts via an online platform- use a debit or a credit card. E-checks are also accepted.
  • Payments from mobile phones are also acceptable.
  • You can use Western Union or send payment by mail.


If you choose to pay by mail, ensure to include the tear-able portion of the billing notice you received. Including the portion enables the receiving cashier to credit the amount to the correct account as surcharged to your user account.

Here’s a practical instance showing the amount of surcharge plus that for your license restoration fees.  You must settle both.

The surcharge license restoration amount is at 5% of the sum due at the point of your suspension.

So assuming you had amounts due amounting to $1000 at point of suspension, you have to resettle $150 as follows:

  1. 5% of the total due. That is $1000. That comes to $50
  2. Add the license restoration charge at a flat rate of $100
  3. So your total settlement sum comes to $150 total

Failure to Settle Surcharge Payments

Things happen in life, and it’s best to settle your surcharges when they become due. NJSVS will send you notifications to pay. However, if you fail to pay for whatever host of reasons, the Commission responds by suspending the corresponding license.

Note: Driver receiving the notice of suspensions for their license should stop driving with immediate effect.


Driving while one’s license has been suspended is counted as a more severe offense. Avoid more fines and surcharge points. It’s best to halt driving and resolve the pending issues with the suspension first.

Duration of NJ Surcharge Records

 NJ MVC keeps your records of violations for a cumulative five years before they clear from the list of surcharges.

So in case you require a standard abstract as a driver, could be for employment or other issues, your record will show all the suspensions and all violations running backward into five years. However, the information given out has no surcharge billing histories on any information on payments.

Here’s what happens next if you continue to dishonor the non-payment.

The NJVS will proceed to file a certificate of liability with a court of law. The certificate issued states the total outstanding debt.

Note: The certificate issued allows the state authorities to recover the debts without prior consultations with the driver. The state makes the process costlier with other privileges withdrawn. Those include but not limited to:

Transferring or selling of property.

Recovery of dues from any payments or wages  before the remainder of cash lands into your bank  accounts

When the state gets into the recovery process, extra collection costs and interests accrued are summed up to the sum prior due from the defaulter. In usual cases, the state contracts lawyers and collection agencies to enforce payments of the debt.

Special Groups Treatments for NJ Surcharges

Law looks into circumstances arising towards default and eventual situations leading to the recovery of NJ surcharges.  Some categories of defaulters may fall within the following special interest groups:

Military Personnel

The personnel serving the military and with deployments stationed abroad have room for a reprieve. NJMVC allows them to qualify for a temporary hold.

However, to qualify, the driver shall be required to mail or fax in documents proving the official stations they work in and driving license number.

Note:  The duration ofthe billing hold expires when the deployment ends.  Affected license holders are required to notify the Surcharge Administration Office.

Persons Incarcerated

Drivers who’ve been convicted and proceeding to serve prison terms should know that billing carries on as usual. However, they should send notice to NJMVC officially before their release. It helps determine amounts liable and restoration of license. After release, restoration and settlement are negotiable in the form of plans to accommodate their levels of income.

People living with disabilities

Persons with illness or conditions disabling the ability to drive require certification from a medical doctor. Further, users should surrender their driver’s license, which is replaced by a Non-Driver ID.

What Happens if users Change Locations?

 Human rights and freedoms allow people to move around freely in search of business and other interests. The Motor Vehicle Commission in New Jersey is flexible enough to accommodate that.

The authorities allow you to make official communication within a week.  After confirming changes here is the URL to help you change the address in your records. 

First off, you just need to prove authenticity by providing the zip code, the number of your driving license and your SSN in the form of a password. You can allow the system to generate a password for you, or better still input a password that’s both complex and easy for you to recall.

Note: It’s a violation to fail to change your address with MVC while you’ve moved out officially. Formal procedures require that users who officially move from the state of New Jersey remain liable for their uncleared balance of surcharges.

New jersey driver Address Change at NJ DMV

 What Happens Next?

After moving residence, the law requires that license holders surrender their driving license to the authorities within the states they moved into.

State departments will hold your former state driving license and issue you with a new driver’s license for their state.

Note: In case your license was suspended in New Jersey, the state departments will take note and add your record to that of the National Registry of Drivers.

It’s the responsibility of the state you reside in to do due diligence before issuing users with a new driver’s license. It’s a decision that varies across the States. Some will refuse to issue you with a license in case you had a suspension in NJ or failed to settle surcharge payments owed to NJ.

NJ Surcharge Offences List

Law-abiding drivers get less or no surcharges. The following list details what drivers are held liable for and therefore surcharged:

  1. Driving under influence
  2. Driving while your license is on suspension
  3. Failing to settle court fines or penalties picked within a year
  4. Offenses including non-compliance as set from time to time

 Note: NJ Surcharges and laws are applicable and in force since the year 1983

The New Jersey Surcharge Violation System or NJSVS compiles an annual summary of the matters flouted, and drivers who fall above the minimum set of points are held liable.

NJSVS sends you a notice of the flouts and applicable fines.

The age of cops flagging you and raising queries or dragging you to appear before magistrates may be overwhelming. That could be both in numbers of cases and the hectic paperwork involved in the process.

So NJ surcharges are on a large part handled through technology to minimize the human flaws in the procedures.

Note: The NJMVC system is accessible online and users can contact the customer support within stipulated working hours. If you happen to be Spanish, the customer support will readily help you too.

Well, few cases escape justice. Like when your vehicle is taken away from you by an armed gang. Your vehicle registration plates are captured, and since you are the legally registered owner, you have to provide proof of your innocence.

Guys falling Bankrupt

Drivers with surcharge dues alongside a bankruptcy filing require youto submit a petition to the Surcharge Administration Office.

MVC proceeds after receipt of the petition to place surcharge accounts on hold. Restoration fees remain due and responsible.

Upon discharge, the Surcharge Administration can write off all dues. However, amounts falling due after discharge should be met by the driver.

Note: Only surcharge assessments can be discharged and not judgments. Judgments must be settled fully or petitioned in courts with higher jurisdictions within 12 months. Dismissed bankruptcy cases require drivers to settle all the surcharge accounts due. Re-filings for bankruptcy also requires resubmission to request a hold.

To minimize or keep off the surcharges, you are required to drive safely and avoid the following violations

  • Do not overspend- adhere to speed limits
  • Keep to your lanes and obey road signs
  • Always drive while sober
  • Always have an updated driver’s license, and so forth.

Government authorities are always on the lookout.

Freedom of choice dictates that people of sound mind are left to make free-will choices. And safe driving is part of those choices. And on a straightforward note, that’s not to mean that drivers have room to hard either self or others!

But what stop-gap measures are in place? There’s law enforcement. That’s what every driver should pay attention to.


Law is complex. When the cops get you on the wrong side of it, you have the burden of proof. For strict adherence, your lawyer will start from the point that ignorance and omission is none of the appropriate pleas.

NJSVS sends user’s official notices regarding their status. It’s the notice that has all the details on a surcharge. As a cross-check measure, the notification originates from the mailing address of the driver as recorded by the Motor Vehicle Commission.

NJMVC allows drivers to settle fines by paying via mail or online upon receipts of a surcharge notice. Good driving results in low counts of flouts, and equally the fines. At any level, cooperating ensures you retain an updated driver’s license, and it’s helpful while transitioning to other states.